Us Against the World

cute BLOg

Feature Events:

Cosmetic Fair (April 15th open)

The Chapter Four (May 04 – May 21, 2017)


Head: JANE Bento by Genesis Lab

Hair: Erotica by Love Hair

Eyebrow: Tipe A by Genesis Lab @ Uber

Nails: Matte Light – Maitreya Appliers by RAMACosmetic Fair 

Bubble Gum: Morgan bubble gum Strawberry by LaGyo 

Jacket: Stinie by Nana @ Suicide DollZ

Top: Dina KITJA @ Uber

Pants:  Thor by CanimalThe Chapter Four

Sneakers: Mesh SoRRy by NS @ Thrift shop




Backgroud: 06 Hype-Beast Backdrop by Bad Unicorn

Bag: Duffle bag  (Bubblegum) by NS @ Thrift shop

Bag 2: Red Caged Basketball Bag by Hxnor 

Puppy: Posh Pups – Sandy by JIAN 

Cruise Longboard “Brown Stripe II” by REPRESENT  

Black Card Board Boombox by Hxnor 

Cats, bears and bun: oh my mochi! by cometThe Chapter Four

Phone: bunny phone (WM1) by VCO



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