Next trip is to …

Next trip is to ... blog.png

Feature Events:

Tr√®s Chic¬†Venue (May 17 ‚Äď June 12, 2017)

Head: SOFIE Bento RARE by Genesis Lab

Hair: Ozuna by TUKINOWAGUMA @ Très Chic Venue

Shirt and Pants:  Vacanze Romane by Dead Dollz @ 6 Republic

Necklace and Earring: Pollon by Avenge @ Très Chic Venue

Lollipop: e.marie // Lolli – Grape

Pose:  Spring Fairy  by Kirin


Travel Preparations by Merak @ Très Chic Venue

  • Flower Bouquet
  • Adventure Globe
  • Travel Planning
  • Vintage Storage Box
  • World Map

Counting Waves Gacha by Serenity Style @ Très Chic Venue

  • Counting Waves Pot
  • Counting Waves Bungalow RARE

Vintage Suitcase by Dead Dollz @ 6 Republic

Plants by What Next

  • Swiss Cheese Plant
  • Wall Hanging Plant #2 @ Collabor 88

Books & Map by Apple Fall

Vice City Gacha РBicayne Sofa by SAYO

Dart Target by 7


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