The Summer is Comming ☀

the summer is comming 1 BLOG.png

the summer is comming 2 BLOG.png

Close up photo is participating in the contest HAIR FAIR.
More information about the contest and the event on the  Hair Fair Website, see my photo in the flickr group Hair Fair 2017 Official Photo Contest.                          Participate too, I can’t wait to see your picture there. Xoxo

Head: “Up In Smoke” Gacha 01 Flor 3.2 Bento RARE by Genesis Head @ The Arcade June 2017

Skin: FLOR Vanilla by Genesis Head @ The Arcade

Hair:  Monica Hair by RAMA.SALON  (COLOR OMBRE 1-5)

Swimsuit:  Sia – Black by fame femme @ N21

Tattoo:  Freelove by White Widow 

Vape: “Up In Smoke” Gacha 03 Vape 3.0 Bento RARE by Genesis Head @ The Arcade June 2017

Hat:  { Summertime } Hat 5 by Belle Epoque

Bag:  { Summertime } Bag  by Belle Epoque

Shoes: Polyanthus by Empire @ Kustom 9


Jinx: Le Jardin Plant

JIAN Posh Pups :: Sandy

Apt B // A simple place – Plants

Apt B // Forgotten Corner – Pots

Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera

Soy. Water-Mashroom w/Water bowl

RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Beach Cabana

LB_Bouton d’or Yellow{Rounded-Field}


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